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Saturday, June 17, 2006

And so the saga begins…

Buenos tardes a todos! So, here I continue my tale of me in Ecuador…Well, as I said in the last entry, I started out to a rough start. Of course, I planned my trip with ample time to spare and get enough sleep…yeah, right…if you know me well, you can imagine what my last week was like. Running around trying to do last minute things and the preparation for my research here that I should’ve done about a month ago, but for me there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all…

So there I was, 11pm the night before I was to leave and I was still packing…My brother, Ian was getting ready for bed because we had to get up at 4am to catch my flight at 6:21am. Antonio was waiting patiently as he does for me all the time while I packed up my last things. Then Sam (Samantha Pace for those that don’t know my great friend from med school) stopped by in her timely fashion to say goodbye and give me some useful supplies for my trip (cutter for those malaria ridden-mosquitoes, some space saver packing bags-I needed those with all my stuff and some other goodies). Finally, about 1am or so I was done with my packing…who needs sleep anyway, I thought…uhhh…me (I didn’t have much those previous few days)…

Well, 4am came early and I thought, “ok, I’ll be fine”…but I was definitely DEAD TIRED!!! “Ok, I’ll sleep on the plane”, I said to myself. Antonio and Ian helped me get my stuff in the car as I gathered all my thoughts, fears, emotions in my head as I closed the door to my apartment. I thought, “Am I really leaving for 3 months?” That morning it felt like I was leaving for 3 years (how your emotions come out with little sleep)…Needless to say, I was a bit sad (ok, I cried a lot)…After all, I just had gotten engaged, but I wanted to do this adventure and I wasn’t turning back…

Anywho, we arrived at the airport with only a few minutes to spare…ooops… with an international flight your suppose to be 2 hours early…I thought since I had such a long layover in Miami I was golden with 45 minutes ahead of time. Not said the flight attendant…well, I made it and was on my way. I grabbed a bite to eat in the airport and then hopped on the flight…I thought, “A banana and muffin should hold me over until Miami...” What a mistake that all was. I ended up almost passing out 30 minutes before we landed in Miami due to a lot of things, but mostly my blood sugar was way low. They called the paramedics to meet me at the gate…the two friendly medics took my blood pressure, which was very low, but I’m an athlete…then they took an EKG and thought I should take a visit to the local ER because my sinus rhythm was a bit slow. I probably should have said no and just went to get something to eat and rest in a corner somewhere, but I was a bit emotional at that point and off I went to the Panamerican (look the name up) Hospital about 2 minutes away…so much for my layover plans to the beach...I’ll have to go on my way home. Of course, everyone was speaking Spanish to me, so I felt like I was already in Ecuador, except for the Puerto Rican accents….Well, I ended up getting some tests and some needed sleep and absolutely terrible food (I ate it all, though, cause I was starving at that point). Hope my insurance covers me for expenses out of my normal coverage area...

Well, I caught my connecting flight to Ecuador and arrived safely with my host mom and brother waiting for me. I made an immediate connection with both of them and have been so happy and blessed to have gotten such a wonderful family to stay with. My host mom’s name is Miriam and her son is Francisco and it’s so nice I can communicate with them well. So we’ve had some good times this week and much laughter…what a difference from how I thought it might turn out…just need to trust in the Big guy a bit more, I know…

So there ends my long saga of getting here and here is a pic of my host mom and her son. Hope you’ll keep in touch and keep reading my blogs. Next to come is a little something about my first week or so here, so stay tuned. It’s been a blast so far and I’m getting used to life here, but there still many adventures to be had and you will here about many of them. Take care for now and que Dios le bendiga a ustedes! Hasta pronto, Ciao!!

PS Sorry no pictures, they wouldn´t load on this entry..ggrrrrr...I´ll add a bunch next time.


Blogger Samantha Pace said...

hey aimee!!! it's great to read your blog -- what a fantastic way to procrastinate from the boards :) i can't believe you had to go to the hospital during your layover! what a bummer ... plus i'm sure you were feeling pretty crappy. i know how you get when you're low on food. thank goodness everything turned out all right. sometimes it seems like life is absolutely overwhelming, but everything usually turns out ok :)

aimee, i'm freaking *OUT* about boards. i don't know if i'm going to pass - i may need to talk to 6th floor people (gulp). anyways, enough about me. i should get back to studying. i wish you the best with your work down there, and be sure to take time and HAVE FUN!!

miss your smiling face :)

2:55 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Hi aimee,

It's so fun reading your blogs. Although your trip to Ecuador was stressful, it does make an interesting story ;) I'm eager to hear how your research is coming along...please keep us updated. Again, Congratulations to both you and Antonio.


6:45 PM  
Blogger Asaka - Amelia said...

Blessings and guidance to you Aimee from all your family on the Pine Plains Ranch (smile). Though we may be far, always know that we are proud of your life achievements which are grand in our eyes. You may think that your life is small but I beg to differ my dear cuz. You have always been an inspiration to those around you and your atheletic journey have helped to build your beautiful character and desire to do more for humanity. I congratulate you and your dear fiance for making that move to bring further joy to each other.

I sure hope that you will continue to feel the blessings from the man above. Most of all, never forget that your family is here for you.

Blessings always - Guidance.

Your cousin - Amelia

9:16 PM  
Blogger k said...

Hi Aimee!

What a rocky start! But now there's smooth sailing from here on out, ok! Your project sounds amazing. Keep up the good work. And congrats on your engagement. Beautiful couple!


6:13 AM  
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